How Art and Technology Relate

To me, Art and Technology are partners, inextricably entwined. How would the painter produce colors on canvas without chemistry? How would the sculptor shape his wood, stone, metal, plastic, glass, ice, or other substance without the cutting tools created by engineers? Science enables art and art inspires technology. Many attribute the rise of touch screen tablet technology to the inspiration of a television show (Star Trek The Next Generation). Scientists and engineers saw an idea in a piece of fiction and worked until they could create it.

The point is, artists and engineers as well as composers and scientists, miss the point of their own talents and efforts in the world without eachother.

Art and Life

We all have things in our hearts and minds that need to be expressed. Some write to express what they must share. Others must draw, paint, or sculpt. I am currently seeking out suppliers for both materials and finished works.

I may also list some one of a kind works of my own. Having worked in wood, metal, stone, glass, clay, and plastic for the last 35 years has been a source of peace and joy for me.

I will still be keeping the items listed that are for technology such as 3D printer parts and the like. They are one of the ways that people can express the creativity in their souls and minds.

With our world taking the dark turn it is, I want to fan the flame of creativity in hopes that it can survive the coming storm.